Taylor Reagent 16 oz., R-0008-E (Total Alkalinity), CLEARANCE Exp. 7 / 2023
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Taylor Reagent 16 oz., R-0008-E (Total Alkalinity), CLEARANCE Exp. 7 / 2023

Item Number: UUBB0008E01

Shelf Life Note: A limited stock of this reagent is offered on this web page only at a discounted price because its remaining shelf life that is less than our shelf life guarantee. This stock has an expiration date of 7/2023.

Taylor Technologies liquid swimming pool test reagent R-0008, Total Alkalinity Indicator. For use as directed with Taylor Technologies test kits. R-0008 is used in combination with R-0007 and R-0009 for the total alkalinity test.

All reagents have a shelf life, whether they are liquids, powders, crystals, tablets, or test-strip pads. If kept dry, powders and crystals are very stable; acids are also long lived. Date of manufacture is not the controlling factor when it comes to shelf life – storage conditions are more important. As with all perishables, reagents are sensitive to environmental influences and will last longer under controlled conditions. To this end, we recommend:

  • Storing reagents at a consistent temperature in the range of 36°–85°F (2°–29°C); extreme temperature fluctuation, say from a refrigerator to a hot car trunk, causes reagents to deteriorate.
  • Keeping them out of prolonged direct sunlight. (Note:  their brown plastic bottles help protect very light-sensitive reagents.)
  • Segregating reagents from containers of treatment chemicals.
  • Replacing caps immediately and tightening them carefully so that exposure to air and humidity is limited.
  • Avoiding switching bottle caps, placing bottle caps on soiled surfaces, repouring reagents into contaminated containers, or touching test strip pads.

Taylor formulates its reagents to remain effective for at least one year, with only very few exceptions. As a general precaution, replace all reagents more than one year old, or at the beginning of a new testing season.

Our Taylor Technologies products are labeled for use in the United States only. They may not be shipped outside the USA.

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