ThermGard Insulated Pool Cover, Standard 1010
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ThermGard Insulated Pool Cover, Standard 1010

Item Number: JJ10X1053

ThermGard® Insulated Swimming Pool Cover

Save Money! Pools and spas loose energy. When the air temperature drops below the pool or spa’s temperature, heat is being lost through evaporation. Covering your pool or with a ThermGard insulated cover can prevent the loss, translating to 60 to 80 percent energy savings!

ThermGard® Standard 1010, Deluxe 1212, and Ultra Insulated Swimming Pool Covers are the culmination of over 20 years of pool cover manufacturing experience. The heart of a pool cover system is the fabric. ThermGard® uses a seven-layer, custom-laminated polyethylene to provide the optimum in insulation and durability. Over a dozen different materials are used to construct a single cover. Each raw material is of the highest quality available.

Standard 1010 Physical Properties:

  • Foam Density: 2.0 lbs/ft³
  • Foam Thickness: 0.140 in
  • Tear Strength: 81.0/78.1 lbs (warp/fill)
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.25 BTU/((hr)(ft²)(°F/in))
  • Thickness: 0.161 in (±10%)
  • "R" Value: .569

Covers are custom made to ensure fit. Cutouts for ladders, handrails, slides, and other water features are included. A choice of edging is available to offer wind resistance, if necessary. Lock stitching is used throughout each cover.

ThermGard® covers are backed by a factory warranty.

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