CF-138 Cellulose Fiber Filter Media 25 lb.
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CF-138 Cellulose Fiber Filter Media 25 lb.

Item Number: AACF13850

Fiber Clear (CF-138) is a natural cellulose fiber filtration media that replaces diatomaceous earth (DE) in all swimming pool and spa filters. It is also an excellent top coat for sand fitlers, and an effective precoat for cartridge filters. Fiber Clear provides ultra-fine filtration to two microns, superious to DE. It covers the grids efficiently and completely, backwashes 99%+ out of the filter, is biodegradable, non-toxic, and will not clog drains or sewers. The use of Fiber Clear in conjunction with an approved biocide and sanitizer provides the clearest, cleanest, and safest pool water possible. Water clarity will be noticeably improved.

Organic saturation can cloud pool water with particles that are not large enough to be filtered by traditional medias. The superior filtration provided by Fiber Clear will filter down to 2 microns, removing 4 micron algae spores. Clarifiers are not necessary and are not recommended for use with Fiber Clear. Fiber Clear provides chemical-free clarification... naturally.

The use of phosphate removers, algaecides, metals removers, or biocides are generally compatible with Fiber Clear. However, when polymers or clarifiers are added to these products by the chemical manufacturer, the filter will tend to prematurely clog and, pressure will increase. Contact your chemical supplier to verify if clarifiers are present in the chemicals you are using.

No modifications to existing filters are required to change from DE to CF-138 media.

25 lb. bag.

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