VersaChlor Easy Feed Chorination System III
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VersaChlor Easy Feed Chorination System III

Item Number: IIA111498

For larger pools, the VersaChlor System III makes everything from delivering predictable chlorine levels to installing, maintaining and operating the chlorination system easier than ever. The System III comes factory-assembled and ready for dealer installation. It is pre-plumbed atop a compact, elevated aluminum frame making final plumbing connections quick and simple. The System III works with any swimming pool controller and its new modular design incorporates an inlet/outlet bypass valve that facilitates cleaning for low-maintenance operation.

Additionally, the System III eliminates over-stabilization associated with Trichlor systems and has many advantages over liquid bleach, including lower acid consumption and no spill containment requirement.

        Pool Size (1000 Gallons)
Item Number Description Tablet Capacity Feed Rate (Cl2/Day) Outdoor Stabilized* Outdoor Unstabilized Indoor
IIA111398 0 to 15.0 ppm 25 lbs 36 lbs 80 40 150
IIA115398 0 to 15.0 ppm 40 lbs 24.4 lbs 50 40 60
IIA111498 0 to 33.0 ppm 100 lbs 153 lbs 300 150 500

*Stabilizer levels assumed to be 15ppm. Treatable gallons vary depending on factors such as bather load, climate, stabilizer level, etc.

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