VGB Main Drain Cover and Hardware Replacement

Determine the life span

Drain covers can deteriorate over time due to exposure to sunlight and pool chemicals. These suction outlet components have a finite life. Covers/grates and their hardware should be inspected frequently and replaced according to the manufacturer's specifications or if found to be damaged, broken, cracked, missing, or not securely attached. Every outlet cover has a lifespan stamped on the front of it. Owners need to determine the expiration date in accordance with the installation date and the product lifespan. Use the table below as a quick reference for each manufacturer's determined drain cover lifespan.

Main Drain Cover Life Span
ManufacturerCover LifeHardware Life
AquaStar5 years5 years
Eureka (Stainless Steel Drain Cover)20 years10 years
Eureka (Stainless Frame/Fiberglass Grate Cover)8 years8 years
Hayward7 years7 years
Lawson Aquatics10 years10 years
Pentair7 years7 years
Waterway7 years7 years


Pick the right cover

Before purchasing a new cover, it's a good idea to determine the correct cover for replacement. Drain covers must be sized to handle the highest possible flow rate for the swimming pool's pump. It is dangerous to assume the same cover is the right choice, as certain components of the system could have changed since its initial installation.

Inspect the area

Make sure that the plaster rings and screw holes are intact and make repairs if necessary. The frame should be structurally sound, and if the screws don't engage at least 3 threads, they must be removed and upgraded with new frames. It's important to also replace hardware when recommended since its integrity could be compromised and lead to issues with the replacement cover.

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