Chemtrol CO2 pH Controller with Regulator
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Chemtrol CO2 pH Controller with Regulator

Item Number: IICO240

Every Chemtrol™ controller is designed for easy operation by the pool or spa operator. All operating functions are accessed through direct controls on the front panel.

Today, chemical automation is recognized as a must for all commercial pools and spas. It is the only way to maintain clean and safe water and to prevent bad odors, eye irritation, infections and costly damage to equipment. At the same time, chemical automation pays for itself through savings in operating and maintenance expenses.

Besides good water chemistry and comfortable swimming, chemical automation yields substantial benefits from savings in operating costs, maintenance and major repairs. With proper selection of equipment, most installations show complete system payback in a year or two.

Chemtrol CO2 Controller with Regulator

Carbon Dioxide CO2 is a natural, non-corrosive gas that can be used as a substitute for liquid acid in chemical treatment of swimming pools and spas.

CO2 is available in standard pressurized gas cylinders. When dissolved in water, it forms carbonic acid (H2CO3) a relatively weak acid which can be used to lower the pH of water and neutralize liquid chlorine.

Controller Features:

  • No handling of corrosive acid container
  • No corrosion of equipment from acid fumes
  • No dangerous chemical reactions with chlorine
  • Less danger of excessive low pH in water
  • LED indicator when feeding
  • Because carbonic acid is a weak acid, the lowest pH value that can be reached is 6.8, even under accidental runaway conditions
  • Optional AUTOMATIC SWITCHOVER assures continued control of pH

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