Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos Max Phosphate Remover, Gallon
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Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos Max Phosphate Remover, Gallon

Item Number: AA8012837

Lo-Phos Max effectively eliminates phosphates from pool water and minimizes pool maintenance, reducing the use of other chemicals, and saving you money!


  • Highly concentrated formula removes phosphates quickly
  • Reduces chlorine demand and costs
  • Increases efficiency of salt chlorine generators
  • Compatible with all pool chemicals and pool surfaces
  • One quart can remove up to 7,500 ppb phosphates from water


If algae are present, add a treatment of Lo-Chlor 90-Day Algicide prior to beginning phosphate removal. Clean or backwash filters and ensure pool water is balanced. Test pool water for phosphate levels using a test kit approved for swimming pool use. Using the chart below, measure the required quantity of Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos Max for your pool. Slowly add Lo-Phos Max directly to the pool, distributing over as wide an area as possible.

Phosphate Level (ppb)
Pool Capacity 500 1,000 2,500 4,000
10,000 1 oz 2 oz 4 oz 5 oz
15,000 1.5 oz 3 oz 6 oz 7 oz
20,000 2 oz 4 oz 7.5 oz 9 oz

  1. Immediately following the addition of Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos Max, place one Lo-Chlor Miraclear Pool Clarifier Tab in pump basket (follow package directions) OR use 2 oz. of Miraclear Blue Liquid Clarifier per 4,000 gallons (2 oz. per 15 m3) of pool water. The addition of clarifier will help clear the cloudiness associated with phosphate removal.
  2. Run filtration system continuously for 24 hours. Check filter pressure regularly and backwash, if necessary.
  3. Retest phosphate level of pool water at least 24 hours after treatment. If necessary, repeat dosage of Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos Max at weekly intervals until phosphate level is within acceptable range. For faster results, Lo-Phos Max dosage can be repeated at 24-hour intervals. Refer to above chart for dosage rate.
  4. Test pool regularly for residual phosphate levels.
  5. To maintain phosphate level below 125 ppb (parts per billion), add 1 oz. of Lo-Phos Max to a 15,000-gallon (1 oz per 57 m3) pool weekly.
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