VersaChlor Feeder Chlorination Tablets, 37.5 LB
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VersaChlor Feeder Chlorination Tablets, 37.5 LB

Item Number: AA0037598

Unlike trichlor tablets, VersaChlor tablets contain no cyanuric acid. Users are free to add as much or as little stabilizer as they may need, meaning no CYA buildup to slow the action of chlorine in cleaning and disinfecting the water. VersaChlor tablets release chlorine at a predictable rate making it easy to sustain proper chlorination and help prevent illness-causing bacteria from forming in pools and spas.

In water, bromine tablets form hypobromous acid as a primary disinfectant. However, hypobromous acid cannot be stabilized. As a result, its use in outdoor pools will lead to rapid degradation from the sun’s UV rays.

VersaChlor tablets are five times more concentrated than liquid bleach. A scale inhibiting formula allows for clean chlorinator operation. VersaChlor tablets are specially engineered using a proprietary process and are put through extensive quality control so they won’t soften and clog the system like other brands of tablets.

  • Contain no cyanuric acid
  • Engineered and manufactured under proprietary processes
  • Proven reliability and effectiveness
  • Easy to handle,store and use
  • Consistent, predictable delivery of chlorine
  • Contain scale inhibitor
  • Require less water balance adjustment chemicals
  • Friendlier to pool surfaces and equipment

VersaChlor item number: PPG-50-0375

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