Taylor Starter Test Kit, High Range K-2000
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Taylor Starter Test Kit, High Range K-2000

Item Number: BB200001

Maintaining safe pool/spa water for the public is an important responsibility. Therefore, precise test results are essential when checking the water quality of commercial pools and spas. Taylor's 2000 Series™ is designed for the kind of comprehensive, routine testing performed by service technicians, public and semipublic pool operators, and other professionals. Taylor's 2000 Series™ uses printed color standards to achieve a reliable and accurate color match, making frequent test comparisons even easier.

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50

The K-2000 test kit features six different standards for chlorine (1-10 ppm), bromine (2-20 ppm) and pH (7.0 to 8.0).

The Starter™ kit features six tests: Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid Demand and Base Demand. It may be upgraded to include all tests in the Complete™ kits by adding replacement packs...please call for details. Starter™ kits include ¾ ounce reagent bottles.

Our Taylor Technologies products are labeled for use in the United States only. They may not be shipped outside the USA.
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